Newsstand and Reminders for iOS 5 Revealed

One of the points Apple hoped to drive home during this year's WWDC keynote introduction was iOS 5, and the many features it would bring. One of these features was an update in Newsstand, which along with new collaborations with over a dozen brands of publications, they've added subscriptions, which although not the newest thing in the world, certainly adds an obviously excellent element to your daily collating of news in magazine form.

Once you've got your subscriptions started you'll notice that you've got what appears to be a library newsstand set up for you, this lending itself quite obviously to the namesake, all of your issues downloaded in the background while you're connected, then available offline when you're not. This ties in very closely to an app / functionality you'll be able to use in conjunction with your Newsstand if you're the sort of person that forgets to read issues of magazines or, better yet, forgets to go check the mail to see that they're there: Reminders.


What reminders is and why it deserves its own header while Newsstand perhaps does not is that it's relatively unique. With Reminders you're able to assign a reminder to yourself or to your contacts that show up when the time is right, should that be the moment you've got to be at an event, 20 minutes before, or right that moment should your reminder be something like a grocery list.

"I can set a location to remind me to call my wife when I leave the convention today. It'll set up a geofence."

Using iCal, this new functionality will allow you and your family and friends to be more productive than ever before, tying you closer than ever before, as well, to your iDevices, certainly. Looking forward to such things for my forgetful self! Follow the rest of the keynote and the rest of WWDC here on SlashGear in the main news feed today!