Newspaper Brick Maker – Good for Recycling and fun to say

Christina Crouch - Dec 10, 2007

I love making a fire in the fireplace. The warmth and atmosphere it gives off is a great way to end an evening. Unfortunately for myself, my current fireplace is nothing more than a glorified decoration. However, if we ever get it safe enough for use I’ll definitely be picking up a Brick Maker.

The Brick Maker is the perfect way to recycle your newspaper for instant gratification. Just fill the Brick Maker with damp paper and it creates the perfect, fireplace ready, briquette. The best part is, these stackable handy bricks do away with ugly paper piles!

You can buy one for yourself for just $30 from Taylor Gifts. Hey, even if you don’t have a fireplace you could always use the Brick Maker to build yourself that paper house you always wanted.

OGCC Day 8 – Newspaper Fireplace ‘Log’ Maker [via OhGizmo!]

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