News Corp's "Daily" iPad App Coming January 17th, News Corp Sources Say

Rumors regarding the "other" major iPad publication have been going off and on recently. With release dates being shuffled around at a constant rate, and details leaking about the application, and its presence on the iPad, every so often, by now we're just waiting for an official announcement from News Corp, or Apple. Or both. But, that hasn't happened yet, and so we're left with more "sources," and their information. This time around, it's News Corp actually reporting about the News Corp "the Daily" application, basing their information from unnamed sources.

According to these sources, the Daily application is set to get announced, and launched, on January 17th. There are rumors suggesting that Steve Jobs might be involved with a launch event, but that hasn't been confirmed quite yet. However, considering that we've heard in the past that Jobs will have something to do with the app, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see him stepping on stage at some point during the announcement. (If there is even an announcement, and not just a release.)

"Given that News Corp. has hired dozens of blabby journalists for the Daily, and interviewed many more, lots of other details about the app/service have leaked out already: It will come out daily, it will sell for 99 cents a week, it will use lots of video and it will have cool multimedia bells and whistles, including some kind of 3-D effect that lots of people are very excited about. And Apple CEO Steve Jobs may or may not participate in a launch event." The sources say.

At this point, unless some unseen force causes the Daily to drop off the face of the planet, we know that the daily periodical is coming. We know that it's going to cost $.99 per week, and we know that it's going to be media intensive. Will it be able to compete with Richard Branson's Project? Only time will tell. And a release, of course.

[via 9to5 Mac]