Newest No Man's Sky Expedition is all about gigantic sandworms

No Man's Sky is getting something of a mini-update today with the arrival of Expedition Four. While not one of the fully-fledged updates we're used to seeing every quarter or so, No Man's Sky fans will want to check out this Expedition, as it features gigantic sandworms in a new narrative. For that reason, we're guessing fans of Dune who are excited about the new movie might want to check this out as well.

Officially called Expedition Four: Emergence, players hunt Titan Worms, which have infested planets with cursed dust. Players will be tasked with taking down these Titan Worms, but as they do, they'll uncover what Hello Games describes as a "dark narrative." Completing the Expedition seems to be just one part of the adventure, as doing so will "reveal the history of a dark cult."

With this new Expedition, Hello Games is shipping new sandworm variants, so we should see a more varied collection of sandworms as we play through Emergence. Also new in this update are improved particle effects and new thematic rewards for completing the Emergence expedition that will be available to all your characters once unlocked. You can even ride sandworms if your heart so desires, and that sounds pretty cool.

All in all, this is a relatively small update, but sandworms have been one of the most talked-about features in No Man's Sky since the very beginning, so it's nice to see them getting some love with Emergence. While once a controversial part of the discourse surrounding No Man's Sky, it seems we're finally getting the chance to square off with these massive beasts, and that's an exciting prospect for sure.

While not as big as the updates we're used to seeing Hello Games announce, this one still comes with a handful of bug fixes for various platforms. You can read more about those over on the No Man's Sky website, but otherwise, Expedition Four: Emergence is live now across all platforms, so dive in and fight some sandworms.