NewerTech offers eSATA to USB 3.0 adapter

NewerTech is all about cool adapters that let you easily connect devices to your computer. Back in November, I mentioned a new adapter that the company had unveiled that connected any internal SATA HDD to a USB 3.0 port. NewerTech has now unveiled another new adapter that turns your eSATA external drives into USB 3.0 gear.

The adapter is called simply enough the eSATA to USB 3.0 Adapter and it sells for $29.95. The idea is that you can adapt the eSATA drive to USB 3.0 to enjoy the data transfer speeds up to 5Gb/s. I would imagine that the USB 3.0 port would become more common on many notebooks and desktops leaving your eSATA gear with no love.

The kit includes the adapter and the USB 3.0 cable. The device will also adapt the eSATA storage devices to USB 2.0 as well. That allows you to be able to access your data even if the machine you are on lacks eSATA and USB 3.0 ports. The adapter will work with eSATA HDDs and SSDs and needs no drivers.