Newer Plasma TVs are Energy Star Certified, says PDC

Daniel Lim - Dec 17, 2008, 9:37 am CDT

Plasmas TV are known for burn in and a hole in your pocket but those were the concerns in the past. Newer Plasmas have come equipped with burn-in reduction features such as screensavers or pixel wobbling to shift the pixel on the screen at set intervals. Better yet, the Plasma Display Coalition (PDC) has announced that new plasmas from the Big Four are now tree-hugger; the LCD alternates from Hitachi, LG Electronics, Panasonic and Pioneers’ have been certified to meet new Energy Star rating requirements.

A total of 43 models from the Big Four are complying to the EPA energy efficient rating standard, that means a 42-inch Plasma consumes less than 208 watts in normal use and only a mere 1-watt while in stand-by mode. EPA also says if all TVs in US were sold with the new energy policy, We would have gained $1 billion dollar annually in energy cost.

According to PDC, consumers will save more money in the long run, cutting down TV power bill by more than 35%, if they were to replace a 250-watt old school tubie-CRT or Tubed-DLP TV with a EPA-certified 42-inch 720P Plasma TV.

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