New Zealand Court asks US for all Megaupload evidence

It has been a while since we've heard anything in the case against Megaupload and its managers brought by the United States. The US has been trying to extradite Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom and other managers to stand trial over alleged copyright infringement among other things. Dotcom and the other Megaupload principles are still in New Zealand and have yet to be extradited.

A New Zealand judge wants to see the evidence the United States has against Megaupload. The judge in the case, David Harvey, has given law enforcement officials in New Zealand three weeks provide documentation and evidence against Megaupload management that supports the allegations of encouraging massive copyright infringement.

The extradition hearing for Dotcom and the other managers is set for August 6. Judge Harvey wants the legal team fighting for the Megaupload founder and other management to have a chance to review the evidence ahead of the extradition trial. Apparently, the US Department of Justice has provided some e-mail conversations and other documents in the indictment, but the judge wants to see everything.

"This [court decision] makes the playing field more even," said Ira Rothken, the attorney who is overseeing MegaUpload's worldwide defense. "I think this is a very significant ruling for New Zealand because it demonstrates that New Zealand courts will intervene to protect the rights of its residents from foreign intrusion...we're looking forward to this disclosure. Once there is full transparency into the government's claims we believe Kim Dotcom and the rest of those involved with MegaUpload will prevail."

[via CNET]