New Xbox app released ahead of Xbox Series X/S launch

Microsoft has been teasing the arrival of a new Xbox mobile app for some time now, and today is the big day. Microsoft has launched its new Xbox app on Android, and while the app is in beta for now, it sounds like it's already capable of quite a bit. This app brings Microsoft one step closer to unifying the Xbox experience ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X/S in November.

The app is shipping with a number of new features too, chief among them being Xbox Remote Play. Once only the domain of Xbox Insiders, Xbox Remote Play does just what it says on the tin – it allows you to remotely play games you have installed on your Xbox with your mobile device. With the launch of this app, remote play functionality is available to everyone, not just Insiders, with Microsoft saying that Xbox owners can sign into as many consoles and devices as they want.

Other features arriving with this app include a new unified notifications system, which we heard about previously. This new system will allow you to view and clear notifications on mobile, and once you've cleared them on one device, their status will be updated across all devices. Users can also use the app to create an Xbox Party and voice chat with friends across Xbox Series X/S (when those consoles release), Xbox One, and Windows 10.

There's a new share feature rolling out with the app as well, though it won't be until the Xbox Series X/S launch that its functionality will be fully realized. That's because the new controller shipping alongside those consoles comes with a built-in share button that lets you press once to capture a screenshot or hold to record a clip. Once you've captured the content you want, you'll be able to share it across social media networks or with friends on Xbox. Regardless of where you share it, it'll go into a media library associated with your profile that's accessible through the Xbox app.

It sounds like the new Xbox app will be deeply integrated with next-gen consoles as well, as Microsoft says that first-time Xbox Series X/S setup will happen using the app. Xbox owners will also be able to use the app to install games, free up space, or as a remote for media playback. The app is live now on the Google Play Store [download], so if you've got an Xbox and an Android device, it's probably worth a download.