New World server transfers are finally ready: What to know

New World players have been waiting weeks for server transfers to go live, and now it looks like Amazon is finally ready to roll them out. A new update has gone live in New World, and with it, Amazon has put the final pieces necessary for server transfers in place. In addition, this new update also fixes some issues and bugs while giving players a couple of freebies as a thank you for their patience over the past couple of weeks.

While server transfers are ready to go, Amazon isn't rolling them out right away. Amazon explains that, following this update's rollout, it will initially monitor the framework it has created without turning on server transfers immediately. "Once we have confirmed that the framework holds up at scale, we will turn on character server transfers in the Utopia world first, in the AP Southeast region," Amazon said.

From there, Amazon says it will "closely monitor" Utopia's transfers, as the New World team will need to make manual interventions if something goes wrong. Assuming everything goes well, Amazon will turn on server transfers for the rest of the AP Southeast region. Supposing no issues surface in the 8 hours following that roll out to the whole region, Amazon will then turn on server transfers for everyone.

As a reminder, everyone will get one free world transfer token. Most things transfer with players, including character progression, weapon masteries, inventory, storage, currency, housing, and quest progress. When players arrive on their new servers, they'll need to recreate their friends list and reform their company or join a new one, as friends lists and company membership are world-specific. You can see an example of how the server transfer process will work in the video embedded above, and all players should keep in mind that they can only transfer to servers within their region.

Aside from announcing these new details regarding server transfers, today's patch notes also detail various changes and bug fixes. Tier 4 and 5 Azoth Staffs are finally working as intended, so players can now close high-level portals. In addition, Amazon has updated the housing UI so that it no longer suggests that the first tax payment is discounted. More elite enemies have had their respawn timers adjusted as well, while Amazon has also "implemented back-end changes" that will help it monitor client performance during wars.

Amazon has also granted all players "The Stoic" title and the "Waiting" emote in-game – both references to the wait players experienced for server transfers. You can claim these through the in-game store. For more on today's patch – which is already live in New World – be sure to check out the full patch notes over on the New World website. We'll let you know when server transfers are live for everyone, so stay tuned for more.