New World gives update on server issues and transfers

New World is quickly approaching the end of its first week of service, and like many MMOs, New World's first week has been filled with talk of queues. There are lots of complaints coming for the New World player base concerning the queue times on certain servers, and with the weekend in sight, Amazon has provided an update on those servers and when we'll get the free transfers it promised earlier in the week.

In a post to the New World Twitter account, Amazon said that over one million people played New World on launch day, and with more players starting each day following, the queue times on New World's more popular servers have ballooned. In the time since its launch, Amazon says that it has "more than doubled the number of servers." In addition, the company also says that it's working on raising the population cap for each server to accommodate more players.

"While we do that work, there are options to get into the game quickly," Amazon continued. "If you are a player logging in for the first time, forty percent of our live servers have low or no wait times. We encourage you to seek those servers out and get playing. We are also working hard on a feature that will allow you to transfer your characters to a different server, so if you choose one now just to get up and playing, you can make a different choice later to play on a server with your friends."

Amazon goes on to say that it's planning to release the server transfer feature next week, but it has to go through thorough testing before it's ready for prime time. We're told to look for more detailed information about how server transfers work in the lead-up to release, so we'll be keeping an eye out for those details.

Earlier in the week, Amazon said that it would make server transfers free for two weeks to help players spread out to lower population servers. We'll let you know when those server transfers are live and how they work, so check back with us next week.