New Windows Phone 7 dev-jailbreak tool incoming

A new jailbreaking system for Windows Phone 7 devices is promised, though the developer is waiting until after the first official update is released so as to avoid Microsoft patching the exploit. According to Windows Phone dev Julien Schapman, his Windows Phone 7 Device Manager app works in a way "similar to that of ChevronWP7 in the way they both use a fake registration server, but my method is different and more reliable" according to WinRumors wrote Schapman in an email to WinRumors.

"For example it automatically detects when a WP7 is plugged in and will check if this is a registered developer phone," he continues, "if not it will register it once and for all, so the device will never re-lock like with ChevronWP7." The previous tool was the handiwork of the ChevronWP7 team, who agreed to pull the app at Microsoft's request and who are now working with the company on ways to engage with the homebrew community.

[via The Inquirer]