New volcanic island pops out of the sea near Japan

The Earth is racked with volcanic activity. There are active volcanoes in many parts of the world and some of them are active very frequently. One of the most volcanically active places in the world is Hawaii. The island state gets new land mass every year thanks to volcanic activity. A new volcanic island has poked its head above the surface of the ocean for the first time near Japan.

For now, the island doesn't have a name. Scientists haven't named it because there is a chance the tiny volcanic island won't survive long. The little island is only 200 meters wide and is made from volcanic rock.

Volcanic rock erodes easily and with the volcano surrounded by water on all sides, that erosion could happen quickly. The island formed as molten lava poured out of an active underwater volcano. That lava hardened and piled up until eventually the volcano poked its head out of the water.

The island was discovered when smoke was seen on the horizon and the coastguard went to see what was going on. Rather than finding a ship on fire, the volcanic island was discovered. If the island does survive, it will eventually be named and over time could grow larger. It's unclear if the island is located near any major shipping channels.