New video of Guitar Hero III – Face off against Slash

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 10, 2007

Here’s a bit of an ironic twist. Remember that Rock Band video that MTV showed off recently? The people were rocking out to Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses. Harmonix later announced that the video was an older one, and that they hadn’t yet secured that song. The reason for that might just be the fact that it will be on the Guitar Hero III.

Video after the jump

According to a recent press release sent out by Activision, not only will we be able to rock out to the famous GNR track, but we’ll be facing off against Slash. They also showed off a new video that looks awesome.

In case you missed the tracks, here are the ones shown in the video:

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones

Rock and Roll All Nite – Kiss

Even Flow – Pearl Jam

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

Cult of Personality – Living Colour

Sabatoge – Beastie Boys

Cherub Rock – Smashing Pumpkins

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

My Name is Jonas – Weezer

Rock you like a Hurricane – The Scorpions

Slash cleared to rock in Guitar Hero 3 [via joystiq]

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