New USB adapter may let you play Guitar Hero on your PS3

When you upgrade to a new gaming console, it's hard to justify keeping the previous-generation model around. Unfortunately with games like Guitar Hero that require a special controller, you are forced into keeping it around. Thankfully Pelican has solved the issue for Guitar Heroes that have decided to upgrade to the PS3.

Pelican's new PS2 to USB adapter sports a special switch that will allow your Guitar Hero controller work with both Guitar Hero 1 and 2 on your PS3.

One of these can be picked up for $14.99. Be warned, there have been some users stating that it does not work properly with Guitar Hero, we haven't been able to test one of these to confirm how well it does work. Now if someone would just come along with a way to use your PS2 GH controller on the Xbox 360...

Will Pelican's USB Adapter Let You Play Guitar Hero on the PS3? [via aeropause]