New Tesla Models S and X can drive farther before needing to recharge

Given the nature of electric vehicles, there will always be two things on drivers' minds. One is where and how fast they can recharge their cars on the road and the other is how long they can go even go before they need to plug in. Tesla announced last month improvements to its Supercharging system and now it is boasting of significant improvements to the latter, claiming that the Model S and Model X are, yet again, the longest-range electric vehicles in the market.

Of course, there are many ways to improve the range of an electric car`, but what Tesla is proudest of is that it accomplished this without increasing or changing the 100 kWh battery pack it uses in its other Model S and Model X cars. What has changed, however, is the drivetrains on new Model S and Model X vehicles that, thanks to more efficient design, gives the Model S Long Range 370 miles on a single charge and the Model X Long Range 325 miles.

That's not the only change coming to the new batch of cars, however. As part of its Supercharging improvements, the new Model S and X can charge at 200 kW when connected to V3 Superchargers. On the current V2, they will still see a higher 145 kWh, 50% faster than before.

Suspension has also been upgraded to included fully adaptive dampening. On highways and in Autopilot mode, drivers should feel some extra cushioning while aggressive driving will produce a firmer and more exhilarating experience. All these, Tesla, says, is thanks to its in-house dynamic software.

Tesla is also bringing back the Standard Range configurations of both Model S and Model X for those on a tighter budget. For current owners who do have the budget to buy a new Performance car, Tesla will be giving throwing in the $20,000 Ludicrous Mode upgrade for free.