New TabletKiosk i7209 and i7210 UMPCs

I agree with Charlie of Gizmodo on all points. Samsung recently sent the entire Q1 package including keyboard, optical drive and the fancy case to hold everything together. I'm still "trying" to use Q1 as it's meant to be used, but holy mother it's frustrating – more so than trying to tell my dog to get fetch my morning paper. In my book, and yes I'll get lynched in some part of the blogosphere for making this statement; UMPCs are nothing but a waste of time and money. You can watch my not-so exciting unboxing of the Samsung Q1 here.

Ok, getting off of my soapbox, TabletKiosk announced the i7210 featuring a faster 1GHz Pentium M while the i7209 is still sporting a 900 MHz Intel Celeron M. If it's a must for you to have one, just prepare to drop $1400 for the i7210 and $1100 for the i7209.

Product Page [TabletKiosk]