New Switch to iPhone ads play up app safety, portrait prowess

At the height of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear that the company would have never been put in that situation because of it manually curated its apps. That remark, however, also applied to other app markets, particularly Android. Apple has lost not time to use that as the theme of one of its latest ads designed to convince comsumers to switch to an iPhone for peace of mind and clean faces.

There is no shortage of apps on app stores like Google Play Store but not all of them can be easily trusted. Google employs automated, AI-powered screening and monitoring of apps that go into the Play Store but not a few manage to slip through the cracks, as easily seen by the number of malware reports popping up every month.

That's pretty much the topic of one of Apple's latest ads, giving a literal interpretation of how apps from "your store" can blow up in your face. In contrast, Apple employs humans to sift through app submissions though, admittedly, a rare few rogues do still managed to get through unnoticed.

Of course, that's not the only reason you might want to switch to an iPhone. The other, based on its second new ad, is for its camera features, particularly Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting. While the former has become quite common on high-end smartphones these days, Apple still has an edge with its studio-like Portrait Lighting effects.