New Standard Keyboards makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs

So there is the QWERTY keyboard layout, that's what most of you are using right now, and it works, I don't really see too many problems with it, in fact I can't even think of one thing I would change about it. Then there is the DVORAK design, its coming up, I have personally never seen a keyboard of this layout, but the newcomer is the New Standard Keyboards.

I don't see how a keyboard I can't even look at for more than a few seconds without experiencing partial blindness is supposed to help make things easier. Plus the layout is all messed up, sure its in alphabetical order, but that's not the point of a keyboard.

The point of a keyboard is the put the most used keys closest to the home row, or center of the keyboard. This new keyboard not only has blinding colors for the keys, but also has so many alternate functions for its keys you'd have to be a genius to use it, what's next, a T9 keyboard?

New Standards Keyboard introduces new keyboard layout, in the puzzle style? [via techdigest]