New Spotify price date and how much more you'll pay

Spotify prices are about to change again for some users – not all, but quite a few – as of this Friday. Spotify will begin with the family premium plan in the United States, and both the UK and Europe will have price changes in several areas. Price changes begin this Friday, the 30th of April, 2021.

Some users will get more time with a lower bill than others – but it would appear that the change is coming for all. This isn't the sort of thing where you get a grandfathered-in price forever. If you were paying one price for one of the affected plans before now, you may have until June before the new, higher price kicks in.

Pricing increases will occur for Family plans in the USA, EU, and UK. If you had a family plan that cost you $14.99 before now, you'll be paying approximately $15.99 USD. This is the most slight of changes, you'll find – if you live in the UK, the price increase for a Family plan will go from £14.99 to £16.99 – a price increase of £2. In the EU, this same plan goes from €14.99 to €17.99 – that's an increase of €3.

If you are a Duo or Student Spotify user in the European Union or the United Kingdom, you'll find price increases of either €1 or £1, respectively. It's not a massive change for the individual user, but it should have a massive impact on Spotify's bottom line.

For the people currently on a free trial of Spotify, it would appear that your first bill will be at the lower price, followed by the new higher price. This is, of course, only for those users who start paying for one of the plans with prices affected by this change.

It's likely Spotify will release a much more formal notification for price changes at their next earnings report with investors. This report is currently scheduled for Wednesday, the 28th of April, 2021.