New Sling products at CES 2010

In the past year Sling has released very few updates and even fewer new products. To be exact, just one, an iPhone client which was subsequently neutered by Apple and AT&T. Now the company is promising a new, slimmer range of Slingboxes, together with touchscreens and WiFi TV at CES 2010.

Almost complete silence from Echostar has spurred fears of the Sling line being axed. Not all is lost, recently ZatzNotFunny editor Dave Zatz received a CES invite promising the following:

You'll experience an up close view of Sling's new placeshifting products including WiFi television, ultra-slim Slingboxes, and a next-generation touch screen device.

WiFi television was shown at CES last year where it was pitched as an accessory to  the SlingLoaded VIP 922 Echostar DVR. So what is this new device? A touch screen device to interface with the 922? An entirely new stand alone product? We will find out in January.