New service acts as Airbnb for Airbnb hosts

Airbnb has taken the world by storm. While the original idea for the service may have been renting out an extra room or second property, it's grown so large that now people even rent out the only residence they have. So, if you're a host and someone is staying in your home, where do you go? You now go to "Can I Stay with You While I Rent my Place on Airbnb?", or, as it's been dubbed, the "Airbnb for Airbnb."

It may sound a little dumb, but it's actually quite clever. The basic idea is that Airbnb hosts can pair up and stay at each other's places when one is being rented. There's no cost to use the site, so it's essentially a free matchmaking tool.

It's up to the users how the host is compensated, but the site suggests three methods: the person whose Airbnb is being rented can share some of their earnings, the pair can swap hosting duties at a time when the other location is being rented, or the person crashing can just bring a six-pack as a gift of appreciation.

The service is currently limited to cities in the U.S., but it covers a wide range of locations from coast to coast, and pairs are matched up within 24 hours of signing up with an email address. Frequent Airbnb hosts would surely find the site useful, but it's also unique in that it continues the spirit of Airbnb itself, with the stated goal being to help people who love renting their place and meeting new people in the process.

VIA The Verge

SOURCE Can I Stay with You While I Rent my Place on Airbnb?