New Samsung video details the process of designing the Galaxy S III

Many of you already know that the Samsung Galaxy S III is an incredibly popular smartphone, but it's popular for a reason. First and foremost, it has an attractive design to go along with all of that high-end hardware working under the hood. Samsung has made no bones about pointing out that this phone was inspired by nature, but in a new video that offers some insight into the phone's design, we get some specific examples.

At the start of the video, VP of Hardware R&D Byeongkuk Lee says "We understand that the emotional satisfaction of the user is much more important than trying to emphasize the technology." That much is definitely true – while most readers of SlashGear probably consider hardware to be more important, many mainstream consumers are on the lookout for a phone with a design that speaks to them, with hardware second on the list of smartphone priorities. That being the case, Samsung naturally put a lot of work into making the phone look sleek, detailing the involved process of just getting the battery case to look good.

The user interface is where Samsung tried to replicate nature. There are plenty of design choices based around the idea of water, but this video gives us a closer look at the process that went into getting those features on the Galaxy S III. For instance, those water droplets you hear when using the dialer aren't actually water drops at all – the sound you're hearing is actually orange juice drops falling into a small glass, because Samsung discovered that "liquids with a higher viscosity" were better for recording and simulating the sound of a water drop.

There are more examples of how Samsung attempted the connect the Galaxy S III to nature, but we'll let you watch the video posted above to find out the rest. It's a fascinating video, as it provides an all-too-rare look at the work that goes into designing the devices we use every single day. After you're done watching the video, be sure to have a look at our Samsung Galaxy S III review to find out what we think of the device. Enjoy!