New Samsung 3D LED TVs to feature InstaPort S tech

I hate waiting on inputs to change on my TV. One of the older sets in my house takes a good 10 seconds to switch between each input and you have to go one input at a time down the list rather than directly to the input. That means if you want to go from HDMI 2 to HDMI 1 you have to thumb through each of the inputs in the list and each one takes about ten seconds to switch. It drives me crazy.Silicon Image has announced that Samsung's new line of 3D LED TVs will feature its InstaPort S technology. We talked about the original InstaPort tech back in 2008. The tech makes switching inputs and actually seeing an image much faster.

Silicon Image claims that the Samsung sets can switch between HDMI connected devices in a single second. That is much less than the typical four to seven second delay most sets have.