New RoboCop Trailer Makes Robo Look More Human

Most adults who grew up in the 80s will probably have fond memories of the movie RoboCop. It was always a bit cheesy and over-the-top, but it is one of the best movies of the 80s. If you are like me when they first started remaking RoboCop you probably had some misgivings about the movie.

A new trailer for RoboCop 2014 has surfaced and makes the movie look very interesting. The clip shows some of the main characters in the movie including Joel Kinnaman, who plays RoboCop/Murphy. The movie also has Abbie Cornish, Samuel L Jackson, and Gary Oldman.

This isn't a faithful remake of the original RoboCop movie, this film goes its own direction. This time out the trailer makes it appear as though Murphy's wife knows he's alive and while she and Murphy think he's in control as RoboCop, it appears that he isn't actually in control of himself at all.

Robo also rides around on some sort of motorcycle rather than an old Ford Taurus. I also thought it was funny that RoboCop is the same metallic gray used in the original film to begin with and is later painted black. I haven't really followed this movie of late, last I heard Hugh Laurie was supposed to play OmniCorp CEO, I assume that to be the role Sam plays in the trailer, but I could be off.