New PSP speakers reviewed

Staff Editor - Dec 30, 2006
New PSP speakers reviewed

Judie over at GearDiary has reviewed the Psyclone Gamer PSC99 NODUS PSP Sound System. It claims to get you “Unbelievable sound from your PSP system.” Judie certainly thinks it’s done its job; “The Nodus PSP Sound System manages to transform the PlayStation Portable from a very good handheld gaming device to an extraordinary multimedia center.”

The shape reminds you of a stingray standing up, with its wavy designs. The PSP is docked in the center of the NODUS, where there is a gap. Volume buttons are included on the backside of the unit. A remote control allows you to control the music that is chosen from the PSP’s screen.

An extensive review can be found on GearDiary, along with tons of pictures. You can also visit Psyclone’s site for more information on other products they have to offer.

The Psyclone Gamer PSC99 NODUS PSP Sound System Review [Via: GearDiary]

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