New PS3 update to include photo sorting

The Sony Playstation 3 is about to get a new update that will include a new Photo Gallery application that will sort your photos. This new application can detect faces and interestingly enough determine if the person is smiling or not and sort the photos accordingly.

These updates will come in the Playstation 3 firmware update v.2.60. The added feature will also sort photos by how old the subjects are, landscapes, colors and all sorts of other ways. It appears that Sony is really trying to push photo storage on the PS3 itself. This comes soon after Apple announced the new iPhoto 2009 with many similar features.

There will also be added support of the new 3.11 version of DivX encoding as well as guest access to the Playstation Store in this update. With new features and support coming to the Playstation 3 it really hints that there will not be a PS4 anytime soon. See the video below for a demonstration.