New Pokemon Snap trailer preps us for a photography adventure

A few days ago, The Pokemon Company released a Japanese-language overview trailer for New Pokemon Snap. The trailer showed off a lot of gameplay, and while it was fairly easy to figure out what was being discussed, obviously many of us here in the US couldn't follow along closely because most of us don't understand Japanese. Fast forward a few days later and now it seems the trailer has been translated into English, giving us a reason to watch through it again.

The New Pokemon Snap overview trailer, as it's called, is essentially a primer for our photography adventures through the Lental Region. The trailer starts by taking through the basics of gameplay, telling us how to control the camera once we're in-game and noting that Professor Mirror – a new Pokemon Professor being introduced for this game – will be the ultimate judge of the quality of our photos.

Then we learn more about the items and tools we'll have at our disposal: Fluffruit, Illumina Orbs, Melody, and Scan. Fluffruit are more or less the same as the Apples from the first game, as they can be thrown at nearby Pokemon to draw them to a new location. Illumina Orbs will grant the Illumina Phenomenon when thrown at a Pokemon, giving them a burst of "life energy," while the Melody tool with make some Pokemon dance. Finally, the Scan tool is fairly self explanatory, as it can be used to uncover hidden Pokemon or surface details about the surrounding environment.

The trailer also reveals that we'll have separate research levels for each area in the game, and as those research levels increase, the number and variety of Pokemon found in that area will also go up. Just like the Japanese-language trailer we saw a few days ago, this one also touches on the Illumina Phenomenon and the photo editing tools we'll have, so if you're planning on picking up New Pokemon Snap later this month, you should probably give it a watch.

New Pokemon Snap is the long-requested follow-up to the original Pokemon Snap, which debuted on the Nintendo 64 way back in 1999. This game quite literally has decades of anticipation riding behind it, so hopefully it lives up to everyone's expectations. We'll find out soon enough, as New Pokemon Snap launches on Nintendo Switch on April 30th.