New PlayStation 5 released: What's different?

Today we're taking a look at some of the discoveries made inside the new version of the Sony PS5. The first one's sold so extremely well that it's STILL difficult to find one in stock in stores around the world. Now, here at the tail end of September 2021, Sony has a new version of the console out in some markets with some significant changes inside.

The same games work, the software is the same – there's little you'd notice different if you had one and switched to the other. But the changes are there – especially if you're the sort of person that listens to fan noise level and takes the time to take your machine apart to peek at its innards.

The first place these machines can be found is Japan. That's where YouTuber Austin Evans purchased a new PlayStation 5 and proceeded to do a deep dive into the changes made between generations. The good news for early adopters of the first model PS5 is: it's better at keeping cool.

Photos captured by Evans show the new model operates with a far, far smaller heatsink, and a whole lot less copper plating. The fan installed in the new version of the PS5 is also a bit different – longer, larger blades means the air is being distributed a TINY bit better.

The video above by Evans seems to go a little overboard in saying the new PS5 is "worse" than the old one. It's likely the changes won't result in any differences that'll make-or-break your eventual purchase. If you get the opportunity to buy ANY PS5 and you've been waiting for months to do so – you won't likely care about the size of the heatsink or fan inside. At least... not at first.

It'll be interesting to see how the two systems hold up after a few years of use. Of course, at that point it won't matter, since everyone will have purchased their model several years earlier. But still!