New PlayBook ads push OS 2.0 reinvention

RIM isn't counting solely on existing PlayBook owners upgrading to freshly-released OS 2.0 to spread the good word that the QNX tablet has come of age; the company also has some new commercials to try to convince new buyers. Two new ads have surfaced to accompany the PlayBook OS 2.0 release earlier today, focusing on some of the more eye-catching functionality introduced by the refreshed software: social networking integration, and how the PlayBook now plays with your smartphone.Social Integration:

OS 2.0 adds Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn details into your contacts and calendar, and while we might have preferred to see Google+ there instead of LinkedIn, the business-centric network probably has more relevance to business buyers. In RIM's video, the PlayBook's sync support with Facebook events mean confirmed attendees automatically show up in your calendar.

Meanwhile, a second video shows how your BlackBerry smartphone can be used as a remote control for the PlayBook, navigating through the tablet's menus for instance, or opening up a received image from your phone's inbox on the slate's screen. RIM also takes the opportunity to remind would-be buyers about the video output option; that could come in useful, with a phone-remote, if you're watching a video stored on the PlayBook through on your HDTV.

PlayBook and Smartphone Integration:

Whether either video will prove sufficiently convincing to turn PlayBook sales around remains to be seen, however. The most important aspect of OS 2.0 is likely to be the new native email app, which finally means the tablet is more useful to users other than just BlackBerry adoptees.

[via CrackBerry]