New photo from ISS shows moon rising over a darkened Earth

International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield has been busy taking photos of the Earth from the ISS for a few months now, mostly showing us what cities look like from 250 miles up, but a particular photo that he posted just recently is a bit different, and it shows a beautiful horizon with the moon rising over a darkened Earth.

We're not exactly sure what cities we're looking at in the photo, but Hadfield points out that its the southeastern United States, with the bigger city toward the right side being Atlanta or Charlotte possibly. In any case, the horizon looks absolutely amazing, and the moon creeping in makes the photo that much more spectacular.

Hadfield not only takes a ton of photos of Earth from the ISS (which you can browse through all of them with this neat interactive map), but he also provides short videos on what it's like to live on the ISS, and in one of his latest videos, he describes how he takes photos of Earth from the ISS. The secret? A huge lens.

Hadfield primarily uses a Nikon DSLR with a 400mm lens. This is one heavy setup, but thanks to the lack of gravity in space, Hadfield doesn't need to strain his shoulders or arms lifting and holding the camera. Instead, the camera merely just floats in front of him. Hadfield even says that they take the cameras out on spacewalks into the cold vacuum of space. We'll be keeping up with Hadfield and the ISS over the next months for any more photos that he posts in the future. Stay tuned!