New Pandora Apple Watch app released with iPhone-free experience

A new version of the Pandora app for Apple Watch was launched that requires no assistance from an iPhone or iPad or smartphone of any sort. This app is what's called a "standalone" app for Apple Watch, meaning Pandora's claim for "on the go" functionality is about as true as it's ever going to get. This app allows music and podcasts to be played on Apple Watch devices right out the gate.

The only bit that might cause you a bit of a hassle is the downloading and the login. You'll open the App Store on an Apple Watch, find the Pandora app and download, then log in to your Pandora account. From there you'll be allowed to listen to all manner of Pandora content, just so long as you're also connected to the internet.

Therein lies the rub. If you're connected to your iPhone with your Apple Watch, or your Apple Watch is connected directly to the web with LTE cellular service, you won't need to worry about the necessity of being connected to the web whilst listening to Pandora content. Otherwise there's always offline content.

Offline content in Pandora is only allowed with a Pandora Plus or Premium account. Pandora Plus gives the user the ability to play "four of their Pandora stations while offline." Premium users are allowed "downloaded songs, albums, and playlists offline."

If you've already got the Pandora app on your Apple Watch and installed said app a long time ago, you might need to update. This newest version requires watchOS 6, and you'll need to do one of two things. You could update your Pandora app on your connected iPhone – that'd automatically update the app on your Apple Watch. Or you could search for the Pandora app on the App Store in your Apple Watch, find said app, and tap GET.