New Origami Remote just for kids

Finally, a product that lets your children watch more tv and be able to control it themselves at a younger age. The new origami remote is built on the principle that remotes are way too complicated for our children. I understand that, when going to someone else's house I have a tendency to look at their remotes like they are some sort of new species. However, being a former daycare teacher I noticed some parents are more and more using the television as a babysitter. I have two nephews with a nicer tv in their bedroom than I do in my living room. To be honest some daycare teachers are even abusing the tv. Alright, it is okay for kids to watch tv from time to time long as it isn't over used.

I do have one other small complaint with this product, the way their fingers are supposed to move to use it. I seriously doubt a young child has the motor skills to work one of those things. I am sure once they hit the first grade they will be able to work it though, which is about the age they start learning how to use the regular remote ironically enough.

If you are still determined to pursue this product I should tell you more about it. It only lets you go up and down in the volume and channels; it doesn't have any other functions so it keeps it simple which is nice. The remote is still in the prototype stage, it was developed by 1-week Electronics and 1-week Software workshop.

Origami remote, not that origami [via Gizmodo]