New Office Web Apps now available on SkyDrive

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 22, 2012
New Office Web Apps now available on SkyDrive

Microsoft has announced the release of the newest Office Web Apps, which are now available via SkyDrive. Until now, the Office 2013-ish apps have been in preview mode since July, with 750,000 testers giving it the run through. According to the announcement, the Office Web Apps were “fine-tuned” for Windows 8, IE10, and iOS 6.

The Office Web Apps include Word Web App, Excel Web App, PowerPoint Web App, and OneNote Web App. Documents render 30% faster than before, and Microsoft promises that Office Web Apps and standard Microsoft Office applications play well together and are fully compatible. Sadly, Office Web Apps includes mostly basic features, lacking a lot of the more advanced features you find in its desktop software counterpart.

The Word Web App includes new support for adding and viewing comments, and has new page layout and picture tools. PowerPoint Web Apps has gained video playback support, allowing users to view videos from tablets and smartphones, as well as new comment and co-authoring support. In OneNote, you’ll find the added ability to search either an entire page or just a section, as well as new ink viewing support. In Excel Web App, you can “now print right from your browser and rename or add sheets as you need.”

Office Web Apps were first launched in 2010, allowing users to utilize Office from their Web browsers. Updates include expanded support for touch-friendly editing, additional formatting controls, and “consistent co-authoring/collaboration support across web apps.” You can get the new Office Web Apps from and via SkyDrive.

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