New Nokia Patent Is Promising

My god, Nokia Patents and Asus Eee PC news are about on par with each other this past couple of weeks. The difference between this patent and all the others is that this one depicts a phone I might actually buy.

It's a slider, and it looks like a decent iteration of that concept, but it also has a rotatable camera on the top with a hideaway flash. The best part, the writing on the camera part looks like it says it's a 6 or 8 MP cam, which is up from the standard 3+ that we are seeing now, with 5MP cams just now hitting the really high end mobile devices.

And, this patent filing, it shows an actual phone instead of some cartoonish image that's more or less a proof of concept and not an actual implementation. That means that the device is likely to actually exist, somewhere within the confounds of their epic fortress, which in turn means we might see it sometime soon.

New Nokia 6 or 8 Megapixel Imaging Slider In The Works [via unwiredview]