New Nintendo DSi colors show up in better gallery

Nintendo Japan's DSi announcement this morning was all well and good, but the single picture they included to illustrate the three new DSi colors didn't really do the news justice.  Now we have new pictures of the three color versions, and they're certainly strong shades.More DSi images after the cut

The pink is perhaps the most eye-watering, with Nintendo obviously going for as vivid a shade as they could find.  It's the sort of color that would make you worry about it rubbing off on fabric.  As for the green, it's a little more insipid than the others, leaving the metallic blue arguably the most tasteful choice.

That's good news for the US, as the metallic blue and the black DSi will be the only two versions of the handheld console to launch there.  Nintendo plan to release the DSi in the US come April 5th, but the pink and green versions will be Japan-only, at least for the moment.

[via Kotaku]