New Netflix button lets viewers skip the intros on some shows

Netflix has been busy creating all sorts of new features, including the new rating system that will be introduced in the near future. Joining its busy projects is a new button that will allow viewers to easily skip the intros for certain shows, getting straight to the meat of the content. Netflix confirmed it is testing the button following reports of its existence.

Some introductions are great — they're creative and entrancing, such as the excellent Dexter opener, but they get old after a few episodes. Depending on your device, Netflix may automatically skip the introductions on some platforms when you're binge-watching a show, but generally you're going to be stuck with that intro time and again.

Netflix is experimenting with a new button that would change that, giving some users a new clickable square on the intro screen that says "Skip Intro." Clicking it allows the viewer to avoid the unnecessary waste of minutes and jump straight into the action...even if the show has a cold opening, which is a bit of the show followed by the intro, then the rest of the show.

The company quasi-confirmed the feature to The Verge, stating that it is constantly performing experiments on features that can improve usability. It seems many users are now seeing the feature — it isn't clear how widespread it is at this time, but it appears to have been rolling out in greater numbers over the past couple weeks.

SOURCE: The Verge