New Microsoft MCE Extenders with useful new features

So, Microsoft, yeah the giants that hide behind Redmond, WA, the very same ones, have finally decided to catch up with everyone else and begin supporting DivX and Xvid in some of their devices. I know, I know, I said "No Wai!" too, but they are really going to do it.

They are partnering with D-Link, Linksys, and Niveus Media to drop some new Media Center Extenders on a new platform called "Extenders for Windows Media Center". Not only will the new devices finally get Xvid and DivX support, they will also support the new WMV HD and encrypted HD streaming formats as well.

Oh and since all of that requires a ton of bandwidth, and they want to provide people with a wireless option, the new extenders will also support Wireless N. No word on price or availability yet, but I hear they are showing off some models at CEDIA this week, so you will know more when we do. Who knows, if these things actually get produced for a decent price, I might buy a couple.

Microsoft Media Extender Platform Relaunched With 802.11n, DivX and Xvid Support [via Gizmodo]