New Metroid Dread trailer is even more ominous than the last

One of the biggest surprises of Nintendo's E3 was undoubtedly Metroid Dread. Fans have been waiting a long time for a new mainline Metroid game, and with Metroid Prime 4 nowhere in sight for the time being, Metroid Dread has a big void to fill. Nintendo today released a new trailer for Metroid Dread, and it's every bit as creepy and cryptic as the trailers we've already seen.

Today's trailer opens with a description of the X Parasite, a dangerous life form that has been featured in previous Metroid games, most notably Metroid Fusion. While the X Parasite was thought to be extinct, the trailer explains that the Galactic Federation received intel suggesting otherwise and, in response, sent seven EMMI robots to investigate rumors of the X Parasite's re-emergence. Those EMMI have now disappeared, and it seems it's up to Samus to figure out what happened to them.

The EMMI were those creepy robots we saw in the original announcement trailer for Metroid Dread, so it seems they've been taken over by the X Parasite. One curiosity of note is the YouTube description for this trailer, which asks, "In the second half of this video, why is Samus wearing a different suit than the one she started with?"

The question suggests that maybe everything is not what it seems regarding Samus. Is it possible that the Samus we see at the beginning of the trailer is actually SA-X, the primary antagonist of Metroid Fusion? Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't answer the question posed in its description, but it's worth remembering that we caught a very brief glimpse of SA-X in the previous teaser trailer for the game.

We'll just have to wait until more is revealed about Metroid Dread, but thankfully, that wait won't be very long. In the description for this trailer, Nintendo says that a new gameplay trailer will drop on August 27th, so we'll see what that one has to reveal about Metroid Dread. Stay tuned for more.