New Mac mini gets teardown treatment

Apple's newest Mac mini has suffered the same undignified fate of all fresh Apple products, and gone under the screwdriver in an iFixit teardown.  Notably including an HDMI port for the first time, the new Mac mini is another masterpiece of packaging from Cupertino's designers, from its twist-off easy access to the two RAM slots, to the way all the custom components are carefully sandwiched in.

Of course, that sandwiching does mean that access to the guts of the unibody Mac mini is a little more arduous than on a regular desktop computer.  Apple mandate the use of a double-headed mainboard removal tool – iFixit improvised with a couple of narrow screwdrivers pushed in at the same time.

Otherwise, once you start pulling the whole thing pretty much unravels according to iFixi, with the various components either sliding out the back panel or being pulled out of the circular hole.  There's another teardown for the Mac mini server version here, and we'll have our full review of the Mac mini very soon.