New lithium-ion batteries can last 20 years, be charged over 10,000 times

Japanese company Eamex has claimed that they've discovered a way to significantly increase the lifespan of the high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that are used in hybrids/electric vehicles.  The new battery technology may go through over 10,000 times , and last approximately 20 years.  That's leagues better than what we have at the moment – read on to see how they actually do just that.

"The main idea is to stabilize the electrodes and prevent the deterioration of tin, making the batteries withstand repeated charges. The batteries have a negative electrode that incorporates a tin-coated resin and accumulates lithium ions coming from the positive electrode. The positive electrode is made of silicon and tin and swells while generating the ions."

Eamex says that they have plans to push out a lithium-ion battery within the year, possibly used to charge electric scooters with.  Hopefully your next Prius rolls off the line with one of these soon.

[via Crunchgear]