New Li2S/Silicon rechargeable battery promises 4x Li-ion power

I am all for lots of research into battery technology. The better the batteries we can get in our phones and laptops, the longer we can go between charges. Last week Nokia filed a patent app for a batteyr that uses kinetic energy to recharge itself. If you could combine that Nokia tech with the new Li2S/Silicon Rechargeable Battery tech, we might have the ideal battery.

The new Li2S/Silicon Rechargeable Battery technology promises to deliver about four times more specific energy than a comparably sized lithium-ion battery. The new battery tech delivers 1550Wh kg−1 compared to the about 410 Wh kg−1 of lithium-ion batteries.

Researchers are working testing prototypes of the battery tech right now and claim that so far they have been able to deliver a specific energy of 630 Wh kg−1 during testing. The new sulfur/mesoporous carbon nanocomposite cathode is the key to the battery breakthrough.