New Kraftwerk "album" will be released in 3D

While past Kraftwerk albums have been traditional in presentation, more or less, their next album will summon the heart of the band with a full 3D experience. While we're still crossing our fingers for a virtual reality presentation, thus far it would appear that the next Kraftwerk album will be released as a 3D blu-ray. This disc (or set of discs) will be released "hopefully" in the late fall of 2015.

The last original member of Kraftwerk, lead singer, and keyboardist Ralf Hütter, spoke this week with Rolling Stone about the future of the band. While the group expressed interest at one point in doing a concert series remotely while they went mountain climbing, today the next wave is apparent. Today they reveal their next album, in 3D!

This September 16th a new tour begins in North America. This tour will be called the "3D Tour", and will be a precursor to their new album, also delivered in 3D.

This album will transform their 3D performance tour around the world into a home experience. "We've put a lot of work into all the images, transforming from our Kling Klang archives into 3D format and arranging it synchronized with the music," said Hütter.

"We translated our performances to 3D, and in surround sound, kind of like 3D sound."

We'll be waiting! Until then, hit up the 3D Tour rundown site and watch this presentation of the concert series.