New Kodak branded micro four thirds camera from JK Imaging spied

Earlier this month during CES 2013, word surfaced that a company called JK Imaging had licensed the Kodak name for a line of digital cameras. The company has already plastered that Kodak brand name on its digital photography offerings and has unveiled the first digital camera in its new line of Kodak products reports eprice and Weibo. The camera is called the S1.

Curiously, you can plainly see in the background of the photo here the Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera branding. It's unclear if this will be the S1's official name or if that was another camera unveiled during the JK Imaging press conference. We don't have all the details on the S1 at this point, but we do know it is a mirrorless camera.

That means a new Kodak-branded micro four thirds camera will be coming to market. If you're somehow unfamiliar with micro four thirds cameras, they offer interchangeable lenses and significantly reduced size compared to normal DSLR cameras. That significantly reduced size is thanks to the fact that micro four thirds offerings don't have the mirror system required of a DSLR.

The few specifications that JK Imaging is promising for the camera include Wi-Fi connectivity and apparently the camera will have some sort of smartphone interactivity. I would assume it would have the ability to shoot images over to your smartphone to share on the go. The camera is supposed to release in Q3 of this year at an unannounced price.

[via The Verge]