New iPad tours CES on down-low as 250 Apple staff eye rivals

There are a couple interesting rumors swirling at CES 2012. The two rumors are separate, but interconnected making them all the more interesting. iLounge is claiming that its EIC was able to check out the iPad that will be launching this year the day before CES kicked off. According to Jeremy Horwitz, the new iPad is so similar to the existing iPad 2 that most will not notice the difference.

He claims that the only clues are a scant 1mm thicker tablet and a slightly larger camera on the back rimed in silver. He does note that the higher resolution screen makes the update easy to identify from the front and the camera sensor for the back is the new one the iPhone 4S carries sans flash. With Apple having no official presence at CES, this may sound a bit off, that is until you consider another rumor.

AppleInsider reports that there are 250 workers for Apple attending the show. In fact, pro geek Tom Krazit spied Apple's Greg Joswiak perusing the Sony booth. Joswiak is the head of iOS product marketing apparently. The geek that spotted Joswiak said that he had his name badge arranged to be somewhat hidden so competitors would not recognize him. Apparently, Joswiak said he was just checking out how competitors show their products and what they are featuring in the booth. If you are at CES, tackle anyone you see with an iPad and if you find one with a high-resolution screen send us some pics.