New iPad mini still coming this year, foldable iPhone in 2023

The iPad mini was noticeably absent during Apple's big event last month. That's not exactly surprising as the company seemed to focus more on its more powerful products, particularly the iPad Pros with Apple M1 silicon. That doesn't exactly mean that the iPad mini that has been appearing in rumors since the start of the year will be a no-show. Instead, Ming-Chi Kuo says that the smaller slate has just been delayed to sometime later this year.

Given how infrequently Apple updates the iPad mini, there's was a real possibility that 2021 would see no new model from that product line. There were even rumors at one point that Apple would finally retire the iPad mini in light of the iPhone Pros' larger screen sizes that made it almost redundant. Fortunately for fans of the smallest Apple tablet, that might not be the case this year.

Kuo says that the new iPad mini's appearance will happen in the second half of the year, probably in Fall. In contrast to Apple's April event, its debut may focus on the more affordable lineup of Apple's products. The cheapest iPad is also expected to get a refresh this year and may appear alongside the iPad mini.

Rumors about the iPad mini upgrade have so far consistently focused on screen size changes. While still keeping the same physical dimensions of the tablet, the 2021 iPad mini is expected to sport an 8.4-inch display instead of 7.9 inches, a change that's made possible by shrinking down the bezels. The Touch ID sensor is also expected to be relocated beneath the power button off to the side.

Kuo's investor note also touches on Apple's fabled foldable iPhone, which will still not be making an appearance this year. Instead, the analyst forecasts that the company will launch the device in 2023 where it is expected to ship 15 to 20 million units. Kuo claims that the device will have an 8-inch display but doesn't say much about its design.