New iPad leaked in Taiwan

Apple's next new iPad is tipped to come with a body that's similar to today's 9.7-inch iPad Pro, with less bezel. This means that a larger display will be able to fit in a space that's the same as current-era iPads. As such, the same cases and docks MAY be able to fit, but a slightly thicker body could ruin that bit before it happens.

This next iPad has been tipped by MacOtakara where Taiwanese supply-chain sources say the next iPad will stick to its footprint. A 9.7-inch iPad today will have the same height and width as the next iPad, they say, while the bulk will be getting thicker. This is good news for those iPad users that desire robustness over thinness. NOTE: The image above was rendered by Martin Haijek, then modified by SlashGear.

While the physical home button will very likely be removed from the next iPad, the front-facing "FaceTime" camera will stick around. This camera's space will also likely stay very similar to current models, while the home button's space will be filled with display. In other words – those joyful about a more robust iPad will have to weigh the benefits against a larger space to hit display up front.

Apple has increased the thickness of the iPad before. Between the iPad 2 and what was called "The New iPad", an increase in both thickness and weight was delivered. While the iPad 2 was 8.8mm thick and 601g, the iPad 3 was 9.4mm thick and 652g.

The increase in size for the iPad 3 was made for a bigger battery – or so the legend goes. The 3rd-generation iPad had a Non-removable Li-Po 11560 mAh battery (42.5 Wh), while the iPad 2 had a Non-removable Li-Po 6930 mAh battery (25 Wh). The difference in size for the battery between the most recent iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4 and the next iPad (name to be revealed) will likely be less substantial.

We're expecting the next iPad to be revealed in early 2017. While several of Apple's past iPad events occurred in September or October, some came in the first quarter of the year. The first iPad came in late January, while the iPad Pro 9.7 came in March.