New iPad 2018 model tipped with iPhone X facial recognition tech

Next year may bring the launch of a high-end iPad model that offers the same facial recognition technology found on the new iPhone X, according to sources. These sources say the model will also sport other top features found on the iPhone X, the big exception being a lack of an OLED display. The updated model will reportedly ditch the home button in favor of the facial recognition tech.

The sources, speaking to Bloomberg, claim that at least one iPad model with around a 10.5-inch display is in the pipeline, and that it will feature Face ID. It is suggested this tablet will be akin to the iPad Pro, or something similarly upper-tier like that model, though the details are fuzzy at this time. Face ID will reportedly replace the home button.

Though it supposedly won't feature an OLED panel, this model will have slimmer edges, something made possible in part by removing the home button. The sources indicate the iPad's design will resemble the iPhone X, namely by slimming down the top and bottom bezels. Apple, of course, hasn't confirmed this rumor.

Why not include an OLED display on the new iPad model? The sources say it is because of a combination of financial and technical constraints, namely because Apple would need Samsung Electronics to supply these panels. It is doubtful competing companies, such as LG Electronics, would have the ability to supply these panels for a model to be released next year.

The sources go on to indicate that the new iPad may not see a 2018 release if manufacturing and supply constraints affect the Face ID components. However, once it does arrive, users can reportedly expect the Face ID-centric features like Animoji, plus overall more powerful hardware and a new Apple Pencil.

SOURCE: Bloomberg