New iOS 8 Safari extension the most impressive yet

Nate Swanner - Jun 30, 2014
New iOS 8 Safari extension the most impressive yet

A lot has been learned about iOS 8 since Developers have had their chance to toy with it. This newest item might be the coolest we’ve seen. In opening up their platform a bit, Apple is also encouraging more third-party extensions for Safari on mobile. The famed 1Password might have the coolest one yet.

Not only a Safari extension, this one takes full advantage of Touch ID. As you can see in the Vine below, a simple tap on the Safari extension brings up the password screen for 1Password. Instead of hammering out our password, you can now use Touch ID.

Touching your home key gets you into your 1Password account, where the service has detected the page you’re on and offered up the credentials. Just a tap, and you’re on your way. Previous iterations of the 1Password app meant you had to use their browser for such things, or access your credentials and navigate back to Safari.

This time, it’s a bit more seamless. One of the earliest uses for Safari extensions on mobile, and also one of the more impressive. We hope there is a lot more to come from clever Developers who have access to iOS 8; launch day could be fun!

Via: BGR
[vine MFXHTa9I7Lq]

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