New Intel Classmate PC

In competition with the OLPC project, Intel is finally going to start selling their notebook for prices ranging from $300 to $500. Some of the newer models will have fewer features and thus require less power, but they are also pushing out models with both a 7 and a 9 inch screen, a 30GB HDD and a webcam.

Intel also rolled out 5 new Atom processors that push the line up to 1.86GHz while keeping under 3 watts of power usage. Along with that announcement they said that the Classmate PCs will soon be using Atom processors.

The Classmate PC's are more an effort for Intel to make money by ensuring its chips are used in the notebooks, which can be made by any number of manufacturers and sold under multiple brand names. Intel reports selling tens of thousands of the notebooks, but wouldn't provide any more specifics.

[via Wired]