New Instagram Visual Replies update [APK Download]

Today a major Instagram update was released with new ways to reply to Instagram friends. Users will be able to reply to Instagram Stories with this update in a couple of different ways. New ways, that is, not just the old ways. The new ways include replying with a video and replying with a photo – as yet there is no way to reply to an Instagram Story with another Instagram Story, but that would be neat – and completely crazy.

This newest version of Instagram allows the user to reply to stories in "in-the-moment conversations with your friends no matter where they are." Unless they're right next to you, in which case I and we recommend you simply speak to them, then and there. Unless you want the conversation recorded, in which case Instagram away.

To reply to a story, follow the following steps.

1. Open an Instagram Story.

2. Tap the Camera button while watching a story.

3. Take a photo OR

3. Grab a video OR

3. Make a Boomerang

4. Edit with creative tools and/or hit "Send"

5. Continue watching Instagram Story.

One feature of note is the fact that replies to a story only appear to the person making the story. Replies to an Instagram Story appear in the user's Direct Inbox, and both Photo and Video replies are always highlighted in blue. These Photo and Video replies will disappear once they've been viewed one time.

To attain the newest version of Instagram on an iPhone, head to the iTunes App Store and check for an "Update" button. If there is no Update button to be seen, the most recent version is already on the device you're working with. Android users have an extra option outside of Google Play. Through APK Mirror the most recent version of Instagram can be found, often JUST a bit ahead of the release on Google Play. Download with caution as SlashGear is not responsible for any actions taken outside of SlashGear's own webspace.